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Henan Museum
Situated in Zhenzhou City in central China, the Henan Museum has one of the most important collections of early Chinese art. However, exhibitions might include modern and Western art.
National Museum of Chinese History
The museum itself has one of the best collections of China; the website offers extensive information in English also.
Shanghai Museum of Art
One of the oldest European museums of Asian art (founded in 1898). The website, however, is slightly disappointing.
Small site introducing the collection.
The official site.
Museum fur Kunst und Gewerbe
Small site of the museum with a good collection.
Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst Berlin
General information about the museum, which is part of the 'Staatliche Museen zu Berlin'.
Museum fur Ostasiatische Kunst Koln
A few highlights from the collection.
Hong Kong Museum of Art
General information only.
University Museum and Art Gallery
Edo-Tokyo Museum
General information.
Idemitsu Museum of Art
Beautiful site, yet only general information is provided in English.
Japan Ukiyo-e Museum
Museum of Okiyo-e prints, located in Matsumoto in Nagano prefecture.
Kyoto National Museum
Fantastic site with more than 5.000 items illustrated.
Miho Museum
Very good site.
Museum of Oriental Ceramics
Located in Osaka. The website offers descriptions and illustrations of a multiple pieces from varying periods.
Nezu Institute of Fine Arts
Interesting site
Tobacco and Salt Museum
Interesting information on this site.
Tokyo National Museum
Marvellous website offering detailed information about both the museum itself and its most important pieces.
Asian ceramics in Dutch collections
Co-operation between Rijksmuseum, Groninger Museum, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag and Princessehof Leeuwarden. Searchable database and links to current expositions world-wide. Only available in dutch.
Groninger Museum
Decent website, although the collection is not very easily accessible.
Princessehof Leeuwarden
Impressive collection of porcelain.
Decent site, possibilities to search in the collections-database, yet no clear overview of the Rijksmuseum's collection of Asian art.
Rijksmuseum voor Volkenkunde
Huge site with pictures of their complete inventory.
Van Gogh Museum
Very good site with lots of information about Van Gogh and other painters.
Collections Baur, Geneve
Previously a private cpllection of asian art. No objects are illustrated on the website.
Museum Rietberg
General information about the collection.
National Palace Museum
A collection of over 650.000 pieces, but only a few on their website.
Topkapi Palace Museum
Not the most beautiful site, yet providing a lot of information and many illustrations.
Art Institute of Chicago
General information.
Asia Society
Information about their exhibitions.
Asian Art Museum of San Francisco
General information.
Brooklyn Museum of Art
General information.
Cincinnati Art Museum
The museum has recently opened its renovated Asian art galleries. The website offers a online database of selected works.
Cleveland Museum of Art
More than 4.000 Asian works of Art on this site.
Denver Art Museum
General site with good information.
Detroit Institute of Arts
Good site with special sections of the Asian Art Collections illustrated.
Field Museum of Natural History
Good site with lots of interesting information.
Harvard University Art Museum
Honolulu Academy of Arts
General information.
Indianapolis Museum of Art
General information.
Japan Society
Information about their programs and projects.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Good site with more than 50.000 pieces online!
Metropolitan Museum of Art
The best museum site!
Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Good site with many pieces from their collection online.
Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art
Only a few pieces from this fantastic collection on their site.
Peabody Essex Museum
Very good and interesting site.
Princeton University Art Museum
General informaton.
Saint Louis Art Museum
General information.
Seattle Asian Art Museum
General information.
Smithsonian Institute - Freer and Sackler Galleries
Very good site with many pieces online.
Tibet House
Ashmolean Museum
General information about their collection and exhibitions.
British Museum
Fantastic collection, useful website, especially with regard to the Compass-system.
Museum of East Asian Art Bath
General information.
Percival David Foundation
General information.
Victoria & Albert Museum
General information and a few pieces online.
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Arts of Asia
Asian Art Newspaper
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International Chinese Snuffbottle Society
International Netsuke Society
Japan Society
Southeast Asian Ceramic Society
The Oriental Ceramic Society
Tibet House U.S.
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Various Art
Asian Historical Architecture
Chinese Propaganda Posters
Classical Chinese Furniture
Edward Pranger Oriental Art Gallery Contemporary
The website of our New Asian Art Department
International Dunhuang Project
Koryuen (Netsuke)
Nihon To (Japanese Swords)
Red Haired Barbarians
The Japanese Garden
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Asian Studies
Asia Source
Association for Asian Studies
Himalayan Art Project
International Dunhuang Project

Warring States Project
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Buddhism in China
Buddhist art of China
Dao House
Digital Buddhist Library and Museum
International Research Institute for Zen Buddhism
Journal of Buddhist Ethics
Taoism Information Page
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Plowden & Smith
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